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"Heading North on I-5 in my Dad's '73 Chevy Pickup, we were loaded to the max with a lumber rack full of form boards and a truck bed full of concrete tools and stakes. My uncle had landed a job building a timber frame addition on a log home up in Castle Crags, it was a pretty cool place, kind of a mountain ranch type property with a bunch of cabins on site. This was one of those projects where we didn't know completely what we were getting into and one of the challenges that came along with the location was we had to make do with what we brought along or drive a long distance to get it. Dad and I would be building the foundation for the addition, and for some reason that I don't recall we had a pretty short time frame to complete our work.

We arrived mid afternoon and jumped right in, while dad used an old ranch tractor to dig the footings I began to unload the truck, by the evening we had the footings dug, cleaned out and ready to start forming. The next day we set all the forms, installed the steel rebar, passed inspection, scheduled the concrete and then headed off into town for a well deserved dinner. The third day we poured the foundation, stripped the forms, packed up the truck and got on the road for the long drive home.

Looking back on this project things seemed to have gone perfectly, I mean it did go well and it gave us a great sense of accomplishment, but as time passes I look a little deeper and I can see how the problems were not perceived as road blocks, instead Dad chose to see them as things to be solved, his posture was one of working on a solution and moving forward. This posture or mentality was a shaping influence in my life and a thread that runs through our personal and professional lives.

Solving problems and not accepting road blocks is a theme the runs through Dynamic Trades, and I believe also runs deep in TJU Construction. TJU has been fearless in taking on projects, moving forward, and coming up with solutions and we strongly believe our values, ethic and integrity are in alignment, and we are excited to announce the Merger of Dynamic Trades Inc and TJU Construction.

Andrew and I are very excited to be partnering with Tim Uhler, and while Tim is moving into a different role, he is going to be an integral piece of the company and focus on company development and client communications. Ida Ingle and John Mostead will also be joining the Dynamic team, Ida will continue her role of Retail Construction Coordination and Contracts and John will continue to Estimate and Project Manage. The Best just got Better." - Tyson Steward, President

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